White house

White home style

We often associate white interior color with modern minimalism, but it is also perfectly at home with cozy Shabby Chic style. While color lovers would argue that white is cold, bland and sterile, its advocates would say it can create a feeling of space, hide blemishes and soften architectural quirks.

Glossing over the debate as to whether white is actually a color at all, let's take a look at what color experts can tell us about white and how we can use it to create designs that look anything but cold and bland.



We are not talking here about antique white or Navajo white or a nice Bavarian cream white. They are all lovely colors and they have their place. But we are talking about white-white, the kind of white that architects love. The kind of white that's as crisp and fresh as a snowflake.

Everyone makes it. Behr has Polar White. Sherwin-Williams has Super White. Benjamin Moore has Decorator's White. The list goes on, and to be sure, there are subtle differences — some are bluer or grayer or yellower. A positively true bright white is a matter of your eye and the light, and what direction your windows face. (Bright white looks better on south-facing walls than on north facing ones, by the way.)

But regardless of minor gradations, we can all agree — even those of us who adore color — that nothing looks quite so clean and confident as a superwhite white. 

white house 1
white house 2
white house 3
white house 4
white house 5
white house 6
white house 7
white house 8
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white house 11


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So put it everywhere. Or almost everywhere. As San Francisco designer Chloe Warner says, "The only place I would never do bright white is on a ceiling. It just looks like someone forgot to paint."

Go Big or Go Home: The All-White Room
Ceiling, floor, walls, trim. An all-white room is a blank canvas just waiting for you to make it your own. It can go old or new, modern or cottage, but it usually goes spare. Bright white is simplicity and minimalism, not opulence.Bright white goes well with sunlight. This dining room has "spare Scandinavian" written all over it.

A crisp, all-white room isn't exactly cozy, but it is calming. There's no distracting clutter allowed in a room like this, because everything that isn't white pops into focus. I love the contrast of this traditional painting with the modern white walls. Another spare all-white room. A botanical theme (reflected in the prints and the foliage in the vase) adds some earthy organic-ness to the whole thing.
Bright White With Hits of Color
White is a good choice if you are a collector of objects or art. Nothing makes color and pattern pop like bright white. And it gives even kids' scribbles a gallery-style backdrop. Bright white is the color of choice for an eclectic room where one color is not dominant and the eye is divided among lots of vivid shots of color. Anything else on these walls would muddy the effect.
white house 16
white house 17
white house 18
white house 19
white house 20
 white house 111
white house 110
white house 112







white house 21


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white house 24


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white house 108


Vivid color, meet vivid white. You two will get along swimmingly, what with your contrasting but complementary personalities and all. Bright White and Wood

If you want to bring out a beautiful piece of wood, whether it's a table or some trim, go bright white. Every line of grain seems to show up when wood is against white. More wood with bright white. The wood warms the white up, and the white makes the wood look crisp and modern.

The Effect Frame: Bright White Trim
A bright white trim makes wall colors look crisp and clean. It looks especially good with dark colors and helps keep a room with dark paint bright.