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Vintage style For centuries people have found items from the past captivating or at least worth remembering fondly. Who the first people were to decide that something in fashion 50 years before should become fashionable again, we don't know, but it is a practice that has continued until today. Whether it is a replica or a true vintage item, you can recapture a bit of the past with vintage style pieces.

History The term vintage originated with wine growers, who use it to identify particular grape harvests or growing seasons. The word later eased into everyday language and came to describe the year something was made. In more recent times, as nostalgia and memorabilia collecting became more popular, vintage style has come to mean not just old or second-hand items, but pieces that call to mind a particular era or period like the 1940s or 50s.



What is vintage style ?

Identification No actual agreement exists on just what makes something (besides wine), "vintage" rather than "retro" or "antique," but a good rule of thumb is that vintage includes items more than 50 years old, but less than 100. A 150-year-old desk is antique; a clock made 20 years ago is retro; a lamp 50 years old is vintage. The terms are often used interchangeably, however, so if you are starting or adding to a collection, it is good practice to research an item.
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Types Wearing vintage-style clothing is increasingly fashionable, and even some costume jewelry pieces from past eras are very desirable and collectible, but vintage style includes more than just apparel. A gingham tablecloth and a few period accessories can bring to your kitchen the comfortable look of the 1950s. A Tiffany-style lamp adds a touch of vintage style to even a modern living area. And car shows all around the country showcase a time-that-was, when bigger was better and no one worried about gas prices or pollution.








Sources Retail stores that cater to people seeking vintage-style clothing, accessories or household articles are ubiquitous, and everything is right there for you to choose from. Antique stores are also an excellent resource, but if you enjoy exploring and seeking out small (or sometimes large) treasures, thrift shops are good places to start. You can also visit estate sales, flea markets, or your own family's attic or storage area to look for vintage keepsakes that appeal to you.
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Potential Some vintage items have excellent potential as collectibles, though it is difficult to always judge the market for vintage correctly. Many people just collect what gives them pleasure, what fits into their household, or what perfectly complements a contemporary or vintage style outfit they own. The longing to recapture or commemorate some part of the past is unlikely to abate anytime soon, so remember items new to you today may be thought of as a vintage treasure in years to come. It is unfortunate that there is little way to predict just what will catch the fancy of some future collector.


How to Decorate With Vintage Style

 Vintage Style is an eclectic and casual way of decorating. It combines antique fabrics, collectibles and inexpensive flea market treasures to decorate every room in your home. Vintage Style can be adapted to any style of house, from a New York loft to an old country farmhouse. Mix old and new elements to create a vintage style all your own. Instructions
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Living Room

1 Incorporate the original features of your living room into your decorating style. For example, a beautiful old fireplace can be the inspiration for the rest of your furnishings and decorations.

2 Pair a comfy new sofa with older styled chairs. Toss on a patchwork quilt as a great throw blanket.

3 Create a wall mural of old mirrors in various shapes and sizes. This also helps reflect light in small spaces. •

4 Mix and match styles, such as pairing Chinese lanterns with French toile throw pillows.








5 Swap existing appliances for vintage models from the 1940s and 1950s. Many companies reproduce these styles, however they are much more energy efficient than the original. •

6 Pick up an enamel and chrome table and chair set. Remember the kind your grandmother had in her kitchen? •

7 Hang curtains with a vintage print from the 1930s or 1940s, such as red cherries on a periwinkle blue background. •

8 Display a collection of inexpensive cut glass dishes or old milk bottles on a hutch or shelves.

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9 Pair an old metal or wood bed frame with a new mattress for comfort.

10 Mix and match bedding from various eras, such as paisley quilts and chenille bedspreads.

11 Paint old, dark furniture with a wash of white to brighten them up.

12 Add various boudoir accessories, such as perfume bottles, silver makeup trays, strands of pearls and antique costume jewelry.