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Mediterranean homes style

Mediterranean homes are typically constructed with a stucco exterior, have shallow often red tiled roofs that create a wide overhang for needed shade in warm climates. In addition to such signature details as large windows and exposed beams, Mediterranean style homes include patios or courtyards and open arches to catch breezes. Mediterranean house plans tend to express a relaxed outdoor lifestyle through a traditional architectural vocabulary.



Mediterranean house style

Mediterranean house plans draw design cues from the whole of the Mediterranean region, including Moorish, Byzantine, Italian and Spanish influences intermingled with traditions of Native Americans. Santa Barbara architect George Washington Smith helped popularize the style -- an important offshoot is called the Spanish Colonial Revival style -- in the 1920s with patio-oriented houses that have white plaster walls and tile roofs. A perennial favorite in warm climates, Mediterranean homes have evolved into an eclectic home style that's found across the country.
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Mediterranean house plans echo the relaxed lifestyle of the region and draw on multiple design elements to create an elegant look and feel. Mediterranean style refers less to a specific origin than to a general aesthetic. This indigenous American architectural style draws upon floor plan and design elements found in Italian villas, Spanish Revival and Mission Revival homes to recreate the feeling of a home by the Mediterranean Sea.
A trademark stucco exterior and tile roof houses a gorgeous open layout inside. Mediterranean floor plans are designed for entertaining, with formal dining rooms and soaring great rooms framed by columns and arches, plenty of rooms for guests, and integrated outdoor living areas such as courtyards, terraces, and lanais. Mediterranean home plans echo the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle of the region that gives them their name.

Mediterranean Architectural

Inspired by the seaside villas of the Renaissance era, Mediterranean house plans take their primary design cues from romantic Italian and Spanish architecture. A perennial favorite in Florida and California, Mediterranean home plans are also well-suited for the open rolling landscapes of the Texas Hill Country and the Midwest prairie states. Low-pitched tile or terra cotta roofs, stucco walls, and arch motifs are common denominators among Mediterranean style house plans.

Lovely balconies and decorative wrought iron or wooden window grilles give these homes an exotic feel, while large windows (sometimes entire window walls) provide a connection to the outdoors.


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Open Mediterranean floor plans offer easy circulation between gracious rooms that often open onto lush gardens, patios, and pools. Ideal for grand family residences as well as vacation getaways, Mediterranean house plans are filled with a warm sense of hospitality that never goes out of style.








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Architectural features:

- One or two stories with low-pitched red-tile roofs

- Stucco exterior walls (often in pastel hues)

- Asymmetrical layout and open, airy living spaces

- Archways, columns, and elaborate ceilings adorn the interior