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The term Loft is generally used to describe an upper storey or attic in a building, in other words the space directly under the roof. A loft apartment, on the other hand, refers to a large adaptable open space, often a former industrial building or other type of space converted for residential use. This freedom in terms of design and adaptability has resulted in some very beautiful and amazing loft designs.

The idea of lofts has been around forever it seems but that is with good reason. Lofts are special in feel and diversified in ways you can use them.



Loft house architecture

Lofts are a type of condominium that originated when warehouses back East were converted into apartments and condominiums. Here are some characteristics you might see in lofts; located near downtown, very high ceilings (sometimes 20-foot tall), exposed pipes and ducts in the ceiling, a great room floor plan, floor to ceiling windows, exposed interior brick, stained cement floors even in luxury homes, metal stairs and handrails, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and modern/contemporary furnishings.

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Loft is a big, spacious room that does not have partitions for creating different rooms. It has some unique characteristics such as concrete floors, high ceilings, uncovered bricks and pipes, etc. Therefore, loft decoration is an interesting as well as a challenging task. You have to put in your own ideas to make the loft look large, comfortable and beautiful. It requires special creative skills for right utilization of every inch of the space which is available.

Loft Decoration style

Interesting Loft Decorating Ideas
The best part of loft decoration is that you get a lot of scope to experiment with the styles. You can choose for contemporary styles of decoration or the traditional ones or keep a mixture of both. Here are some amazing ideas, which you can add up with your own flair and get an attractive home for yourself.

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Ideas for Creating “Rooms” for the Loft
The first thing you need to do is to make right division of the space into living area, dining area, sleeping area and any other divisions you wish to have. Once this is done, use the furniture pieces like tables or book cases to mark the borders for dissimilar areas. Fabric screens hanged from the ceiling or room dividers can also help you out to get the feel of separate “rooms” within the loft apartment.