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Greece home style The brief history of Greece is compiled here as an introduction to web readers and to provide the historical background that’s needed to appreciate all the subjects of Ancient Greek culture. It was no easy task to compress the history of Ancient Greece into a concise format that would be appropriate both for online reading and as a precise overview of the subject.
This history is divided into the major Greek history eras: How to Create a Greek-Style Patio Area A balcony or a patio is part of every Greek style home. Especially if you live in a warm climate, you can easily achieve this peaceful and sun-loving look inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean decor.



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1. White and cracked walls Give your patio an authentic Mediterranean look with white and cracked walls. Brick or adobe walls, but also tiles imitating brick patterns are good choices. A good tip to get the cracked effect common to the Mediterranean decor is to sandpapering your walls. You can also mix fine cement and fine sand onto your walls to create a dry impression. Don’t forget that a Greek style patio will work better in a hot area where the sun can naturally bleach your walls!
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2. Mediterranean plants in terracotta pots A Greek style patio area would not be complete without Mediterranean plants in terracotta pots such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, oleander and geraniums placed on a bed of pea gravel. These plants will also keep your patio cool, but don’t overcrowd them. If you are lucky enough to have a yard, don’t hesitate to extend your Mediterranean decor style with olive or citrus trees, for example.

3. Rustic and iron furniture & accessories Greeks and the Mediterranean in general love to have guests and to eat in an outdoor dining area such as the patio. Opt for strong and rustic furniture made from cast iron or wood. For example, a nice way to add a greek decoration touch to your patio is to choose a table with a mosaic top and wrought-iron cafe-style chairs.
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Don’t forget to also place a little glass-topped table perfect to put on mezze (a selection of small dishes). Add a Mediterranean decor look to your patio as well with accessories like robust iron candle holders.