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Colonial house style

Colonial house plans reflect the uncomplicated and refined taste of early settlers in America's 13 original colonies. Colonial style can be seen in regional interpretations from New England Salt Boxes and Cape Cods, to the Dutch Colonials of New Jersey and New York, to the widely popular Adam, Federal, and Georgian styles.
Most Colonial home plans offer ease of construction, with square or rectangular footprints, symmetrical massing, and side-gabled or hipped roofs. Colonial house plans are typically two stories high and are warmed by central or end chimneys.



The windows are aligned both vertically and horizontally and are never paired, although a three-part Palladian window may be featured in the later variations of Colonial architecture.


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Steeped in tradition, the classic Colonial floor plan features a central front door opening to a welcoming center hall design with living room on one side, dining room on the other, and kitchen and family room in the back, though there are plenty of variations with open layouts as well. Elegant finishes inside and out distinguish these fine designs.
Colonial style house plans are inspired by the practical homes built by early settlers in the American colonies and elsewhere, which were based on Dutch, English, French, and Spanish precedents. Colonial style home plans generally feature a welcoming center stair hall with living room on one side, dining room on the other, and kitchen and private rooms at the rear. These practical, family-friendly plans make entertaining a special pleasure









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Typical Colonial style features include classical exterior styling centered on a columned entrance portico, sidelights and fanlights, and multi-pane double-hung windows with shutters. Exteriors are generally wood or brick. George Washington's Mt. Vernon is the most famous example of an original Colonial house, though it also represents the Plantation style of building. Colonial homes combine understated elegance with a touch of history, and a variety of unique touches developed through regional influences.


As the name suggests, colonial house plans draw on the architectural styles prevalent in America's original East Coast settlements. Colonial settlement covered territory ranging from the blustery New England coastlines to sultry Georgia swamps, therefore, colonial design varies depending on the climate.
European settlers brought their own architectural traditions, giving rise to Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, and other variations. In general, colonial home plans feature symmetry, with centered doorways and a balanced array of windows. The second story generally has the same footprint as the first, and the exterior is usually brick or clapboard siding. Details such as chimney placement, gables, porch styles, and the like vary widely depending on the regional design variations of colonial styles. The modern colonial home design will have up-to-date amenities.

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However, the general feel is one of tradition, elegance, and a tie to history that brings the traditions of the colonial past into play in a modern lifestyle.
Architectural features:
- Boxy, symmetrical design with central door and balanced windows
- Side-gable or hipped roof, often with chimneys at one or both ends
- Brick or clapboard siding
- Ornamentation, when present, is elegant and restrain